Tech Notes: TEAC 3.5-Inch Slimline Diskette Drive (FD-05HF-5630 and FD-05HG-5661)

Mounting | Preventive Maintenance | Connectors and Pinouts


The following mounting schemes are preferred:

NOTES: Mounting angle should be less that 25 with front bezel up or down.

The preferred mounting schemes are the same for both model numbers (FD-05HF-5630 and FD-05HG-5661).

Preventive Maintenance

Cleaning the magnetic head may improve the data's reliability when the diskette drive is used in a dusty environment. In this environment, clean the magnetic head surface periodically with a dry-type, double-sided cleaning diskette every 1 to 3 months. Do not use a cleaning diskette that is damaged. If data errors occur frequently under normal conditions, cleaning is recommended.

Connectors and Pinouts

Interface Connector Pinouts (for both the FD-05HF-5630 and FD-05HG-5661 models)

Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 Vcc (5 V) 2 Index
3 Vcc (5 V) 4 Drive select
5 Vcc (5 V) 6 Disk change
7 Not connected 8 Ready
9 HD Out (HD at HIGH level) 10 Motor on
11 Not connected 12 Direction select
13 Not connected (FD-05HF-5630)
1.6 MB In (1.6 MB at LOW level) (FD-05HG-5661)
14 Step
15 Ground 16 Write data
17 Ground 18 Write gate
19 Ground 20 Track 00
21 Not connected 22 Write protect
23 Ground 24 Read data
25 Ground 26 Side one select